How To Get Healthy Skin – Skin Care Tips That You Can Implement Immediately

So you want to know how to get healthy skin? Skin health is important; if you have glowing skin it is a sign you have great overall general health.

For many people having lovely looking skin goes hand in hand with losing weight and getting that bikini body ready for the summer. Here we give you our top skin care tips. Let’s start with foods that you can eat to improve the skin.

How To Get Healthy Skin – What 5 Foods To Eat

It is obvious but eating well will only improve the health of your skin. Foods that you should avoid include sugary treats and dairy products but here are five foods that will improve your skin and the rest of your body.

Water – OK not really a food but important as it helps keep your skin hydrated which is important to skin elasticity.

Blueberries – This fruit is high in antioxidants and helps purge free radicals from the body that causes damage to the skin.

Walnuts – Walnuts are high in fatty acids, protein and fiber which helps protect the skin and keeps it supple.

Green Tea – Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in polyphenols too.

Whole Wheat Bread – Great for skin health as it contains selenium. Selenium (a derivative of vitamin C) is a mineral that is beneficial to protecting skin cells and can actively improve skin damaged by the sun.

Other Great Tips On How To Get Healthy Skin

I know that changing your diet isn’t always easy to carry out especially if you are a fussy eater. If you do not fancy changing your diet then here are five other skin care tips.

Sunscreen – I know you have heard this before but it really is good advice. Use this and protect yourself from sunburn, UV light and the harmful and aging effects of the sun’s rays.

Use Moisturizer – You need to keep your skin hydrated so it can heal and recover properly from day-to-day damage.

Tanning Machines – What you are doing is allowing artificial UV rays to bombard your body. The Word Health Organization states that no one under the age of 18 should use a sun bed as it is only going to damage your skin.

Vitamin Intake – Any person can take vitamin E which can undo the damage to the skin through exposure to the sun. For women it is recommended that you use Evening Primrose Oil as it promotes skin health and can help reduce acne.

Get Some Exercise – If you exercise then it helps the cardiovascular system and introduces more oxygen to the skin thus helping it keep its elasticity and as a bonus can help reduce wrinkles too.

How To Get Healthy Skin A Conclusion

To answer your question on how to get healthy skin the solutions are fairly obvious. It is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your skin health is a good indicator of overall wellbeing.

So eat better, drink enough water, take the right vitamins and then look after your skin using sunscreen and moisturizer and your skin will soon look much healthier and you will feel better to boot as well.

Mental Health Care

Mental Health Care is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. There are various facets to mental illness. The most heard and common are Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, dementia etc.These generally stem out of depression. Let us try and analyze how and why depression sets in.

Depression is one of most common mental illness and can be cured by timely mental health care. It can include both emotional and physical symptoms. Both types are controlled by chemicals called neurotransmitters. Depression does have other symptoms which we usually associate with emotional distress; such as unexplained aches and pains, or digestive problems.

The first step in Mental Health care is to find out how and why these illness occur.Everyone feels down at times, but long-term or severe symptoms may indicate a mood disorder, such as major depression which is also called clinical depression. Dysthymia is a less severe form. Bipolar disorder which was formerly known as manic depression involves alternating episodes of depression and mania. Postpartum depression occurs within a year of childbirth.

Although emotional symptoms have traditionally been used to detect depression, research shows that physical symptoms are also very common and should not be overlooked. The body has nerve pathways that determine how it handles pain sensations and emotions.

The spinal cord is the central ‘street’ along which the messages go back and forth to the organs, nerves and cells. These messages are relayed by neurotransmitters in the brain, and regulate emotions and sensitivity to pain. However when these neurotransmitters go out of balance, a person can become depressed and is more likely to feel pain or other physical symptoms.

The next step in mental health care is to find out the ways of checking whether an individual is under Depression. The following is the checklist: Is the individual in an irritable mood much of the time? Has he/she lost interest or the pleasure in life? Is the person experiencing constant feeling of excessive guilt? Is there a reduced level of concentration and significant weight gain or weight loss when he/she is not actually dieting?

The other symptoms which can be related to depression are:Unexplained lack of sleep, excessive sleepiness and fatigue. Excessive restlessness or complete listlessness,Recurrent thoughts of suicide,Difficulty in managing diabetes or other chronic illness,Aches or pains that don’t improve,Digestive problems, headaches, backaches, chest pain or occasional dizziness and Family history of depression.

The mental health care for the above discussed is to consult a doctor if one manifests five or more of the above symptoms.

Depression and related mental ailments is a biological illness. It needs attention as much as any other illness. Patients need support and patience from friends and family members, while counseling and medication can be treatment options. Medication should be taken as directed by a doctor and may be continued for weeks or months to prevent recurrences.

Cat Health Care – Essential Tips

Your feline friends need your proper care for them to stay healthy and fit. To ensure that they get nothing but the best care they deserve, here are some health care tips for bringing the vibrant life out of your pet cat or kitten.

1. Aging – When your cats turn the age of 8-10 years, it is highly recommended that you bring them to the vet for routinely checkups at least twice a year. Doing so will help prevent health complications that are being brought about by aging. Older animals are usually affected by stress-related illnesses so as their guardian, it is your duty to provide them with a stress-free environment. To do this, you’ll have to eliminate sudden noises, off smells, and other disruptive routines.

2. Adoption – Before considering an adoption of a new kitten, it is recommended that you first look at his future living space before anything else. Check the space for anything that might put your kitten’s life in jeopardy. Examples of this might be loose electrical wiring, chemicals under the cabinets, and others things alike.

3. General Care – To check for lumps or bumps, place both hands over its head and move slowly down the chin, and then behind the front legs right under the shoulders, move over down the back, to the hips and finally go down the hind legs. Whatever the hair may be, long or short, wavy or straight, either way it should be glossy. Hair must not be dull nor greasy. If his or her fur separates into sections of spikes, then that might be a sign of a dietary deficiency which requires you to a trip to your vet.

4. Ears – Ears might be a nest for moisture and bacteria. To ensure that nothing else ever exists in there, clean the ears with baby oil moistened cotton ball by wiping the cotton in a circular motion. Do not get inside the ears but clean only on the front and outer part.

5. Convalescing – The best method of convalescing is by tempting with a meal of white fish. A cat with a poor appetite often cannot refuse this. However, you should never ever feed him or her any kind of raw fish though. Poach the fish first or steam it then remove all bones before serving.